Saturday, 27 February 2016


Let me see beauty where there's none, Lord!
Allow my eyes to see beyond what I can see right now
Open my heart to love wilder and deeper the things that are not in my heart yet
but you have beautifully placed in my hands to take care of,
Make me see the beauty in your eyes being reflected wherever I lay my eyes on
Where there is poverty, let me see the beauty of your compassion and generosity
Where there is violence, let me see the beauty of your hope and justice
Where there is corruption, let me see the beauty of your grace towards your people and their way back to you with repentance in their hearts and totally surrendered to your love
When the fear arise in my heart, let me see the beauty of your loving arms holding me and whispering in my ears: "You're mine, don't be afraid! I'm with you"

I Know YOU MAKE ME BRAVE for such a time as this!!


  1. Bom dia, tenho muita vontade de morar em sidney Austrália, você poderia me ajudar fica com Deus, abraços.

  2. amazing prayer. I can relate.


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