Monday, 16 January 2012

The year of the FAVOUR of the LORD

Hey readers!!

I just want to remember all of you that if you haven't yet, you should give THANKS to God for all the good things that He has done in your 2012!

Well, my new year's eve was EPIC! and after a beautiful fireworks at harbour bridge my friends and I went to the beach just to see the wonderful sunrise in Manly :)

So many crazy things have already happened in these last few days of 2012 and this is so freaking good!!

Hm... I was just thinking about doing a retrospective of everything that God did in 2011 in my life, but I thought it would be too long if I put in words everything that happened to me here, so... I'll post a video from my bible college that shows basically most of the things that I've been doing here.

Hope you enjoy it!
Have an amazing 2012