Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Sweet heart of mine, learn the beauty of waiting patiently. Yes! this is a letter for you.. a lovely reminder that there's something beautiful hidden behind your dreams and all the expectations you have put on "that one". The one who has taken your breath away since the very first day his eyes found yours and that genuine glance that makes you feel the most special and unique girl in the world. The one who can make your day the best ever with just a simple smile. His voice, his hands, his eyes.. there's something you can't hide anymore, and you know that!

It's been quite a long time and this little heart of mine has been growing a bit weary. But thank God, He cares about every tiny detail and He speaks to this fragile little heart every time it needs. Even though my weary heart feels slightly weak, He strengthens it and brings HOPE & that's what makes me learn the beauty of His timing.. This hasty heart of mine wants to fall in love with this indecipherable heart of his but he knows that haste is the enemy of perfection.. So LOVE, you can take your time! I can wait.. but deep inside of my heart there's this desire that strongly wishes he would never let me go again!!